Paper Bag Hat

Who Are the Brains Behind the Latte Rebellion?

Agent Alpha: Agent Alpha is the idea man…or rather woman…who was first inspired to form the Rebellion, in order to promote the cause of the brown people: those of us of latte skin, latte at heart, or who love to drink latte. Her agitprop skills are rivaled by none.

Captain Charlie: Captain Charlie is the tech whiz behind the Rebellion website, and Agent Alpha's right-hand woman. She is an expert at spreading the message of the Rebellion and a genius at crowd control. Fear the Captain.

Rebellion Sympathizers:

Lieutenant Bravo: Master of guerrilla marketing without whom the Rebellion uniform would not be possible. Head of the Rebellion's Propaganda Division.

Commander Delta: Chief liaison to the U-NorCal undercover unit and rumored relative of Agent Alpha.

Field Officer Foxtrot: Supplier of latte and caffeinated beverages, procurer of meeting space, and consort of Captain Charlie. In short, multitalented and indispensable.

Sergeant Echo: Expert on the animated arts and assistant to Lieutenant Bravo in the Propaganda Division. Undercover operative at U-NorCal.